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Section 1 – Geometry Manipulation (Ken Hurley)
1.1 Better geometry batching using light buffers by Renaldas Zioma
1.2 Practical Cloth Simulation for Modern GPU by Cyril Zeller
1.3 Shader Implementation of Discrete Wavelet Transform by Tien-Tsin Wong, Chi-Sing Leung
1.4 Morph Target Animation by Christian  Kleinhuis
1.5 Real-Time Character Animation on the GPU by Michael Nischt
1.6 Skinning with AniTextures by Wessam Bahnassi

Section 2 - Rendering Techniques (Sebastien St. Laurent)
2.1 Interlaced Rendering by Oles V. Shishkovtsov
2.2 Triangle mesh tangent space calculation by Martin Mittring
2.3 Hardware-Based Ambient Occlusion by Dustin Franklin
2.4 Ambient Occlusion Fields by Janne Kontkanen, Samuli Laine
2.5 Rendering Surface Details with Relief Mapping by Fábio Policarpo, Manuel M. Oliveira
2.6 Real-time Obscurances with Color Bleeding by Alex Mendez-Feliu, M.      Sbert, J. Cata, N. Sunyer
2.7 Bump My Shiny Metal by Andrew Aksyonoff
2.8 Fog Volumes by Holger Grün, Marco Spoerl
2.9 Dynamical global illuminations using an environment map by Imagire Takashi
2.10 Real-time Rendering and Simulation of the Airbrush Media for Metallic Appearance by Joachim Diepstraten, Tibor Schütz 
2.11 Dynamic Glossy Environment Reflections Using Summed-Area Tables by Justin Henley, Thorsten Scheuermann
2.12 Real-time caustics by GPU by Masahiko Nitanda
2.13 Dot-Product for efficient detail texture mapping by Renaldas Zioma
2.14 Real-Time Environment Mapping with Equal Solid-Angle Spherical Quad-Map by Tien-Tsin  Wong, Liang Wan, Chi-Sing Leung, Ping-Man Lam
2.15 Reflective Shadow Maps by Carsten Dachsbacher

Section 3 - Image Space (Natalya Tatarchuk)
3.1 Texture Compression with Coefficient Domain Shaders by Chi-Sing Leung, Tien-Tsin Wong, Ping Man Lam
3.2 Motion Blurring Environment Maps by Jason Mitchell
3.3 Simulating the Visual Effects of a Video Recording System by Joachim Diepstraten

Section 4 - Shadows (Eric Haines)
4.1 Soft Projected Shadows by Aras Pranckevičius
4.2 Eliminate surface acne with gradient shadow mapping by Christian Schüler
4.3 Real-time soft shadows using the PDSM technique by Jean-François St-Amour, Eric Paquette, Pierre Poulin, Philippe Beaudoin
4.4 Robust Shadow Mapping with Light-Space Perspective Shadow Maps by Michael Wimmer, Daniel Scherzer
4.5 Shadowbuffer Frustum Partitioning by Tom Forsyth

Section 5 - 3D Engine Design (Tom Forsyth)
5.1 Tips and Tricks for D3DX Effects Based Renderer by Aras Pranckevicius
5.2 Post-Processing Effects using DXSAS by Gilberto Rosado
5.3 Case Study: Designing a Shader-Subsystem for a Next-Gen Graphics Engine by Wolfgang Engel

Section 6 – Beyond Pixels and Triangles (Dean Calver)
6.1 Real-time damage deformation methods by Vlad Stamate
6.2 Ray Tracing Effects without Tracing Rays by László Szirmay-Kalos, Barnabás Aszódi, István Lazányi
6.3 Implementing Ray-Tracing on the GPU by Martin Christen
6.4 GPU powered path-finding using precomputed Navigation Mesh approach by Renaldas Zioma

Section 7 - Environmental Effects (Matthias Wloka )
7.1 Winter Wonderland by Bryan Dudash
7.2 Rendering Snow Cover by Gilberto Rosado
7.3 Cached Procedural Textures for Terrain Rendering by Carsten Dachsbacher
7.4 A Dynamic Sky System by Michael Gehling
7.5 True-to-life Real-time Animation of Shallow Water on Today’s GPUs by Yung-fen Chi

Section 8 – Tools (Wolfgang Engel)
8.1 The SuperShader by Morgan McGuire
8.2 Implementing Radiosity for a Light map Precomputation Tool by Florian Born
8.3 Indicator Materials by Kurt Pelzer
8.4 Dynamic Branching on non-ps_3_0 Graphics Hardware by Emil Person
8.5 GLSL Shader Debugging with GLIntercept by Damian Trebilco
8.6 GPU Performance of DirectX 9 Per-Fragment Operations Revisited

© 2001 - 2005 Wolfgang Engel, Carlsbad, CA, USA