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After the tremendous success of ShaderX, the ShaderX2 books, ShaderX3 a new book project with an entirely new set of innovative ideas, techniques, and algorithms will be started in 2005:


Game developers of all levels will find insightful tips and tools from this unique collection. Written by game programming experts, each contribution will cover advanced rendering techniques that run on the DirectX and OpenGL run-time with any shader language available.
Each section of the book(s) will be headed by a Section editor.

Shadows - Eric Haines
Environmental Effects - Matthias Wloka
Geometry Manipulation - Kenneth Hurley
3D Engine Design - Tom Forsyth
Beyond Pixels and Triangles -
Dean Calver
Image Space - Natalya Tatarchuk
Rendering Techniques - Sebastien St. Laurent

Book Schedule:

February 28th , 2005 Proposals due !
April 17th Authors selected and begin writing
April 20th Contracts sent out
June 15th Deadline for Papers
July 15th Peer review feedback due
July 30th Revised articles due
August 15th All CD demos/code due
August 15th All articles sent to publisher
September 30th

Final CD sent to publisher

October 15th Editor and authors review book proofs
December Release


December 18th, 2006
ShaderX4 wins the Game Developer Frontline Award: click here.


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